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Welcome to AirbagZA - Your Trusted Airbag Repair and Installation Experts.

At AirbagZA, we take vehicle safety to heart. As the premier choice for airbag repairs, replacements, and installations in. We bring a wealth of expertise and dedication to every job. With a focus on all types of vehicles, our seasoned professionals ensure that your airbag needs are met with precision, efficiency, and above all, safety.



Airbag Repairs And Replacement

Is your airbag light on? Our service addresses airbag system issues through affordable installation, purchase, sale, and repair of airbags for all vehicle types, ensuring your safety.


Dashboard Repairs and Replacement

Airbag Fitters offers dashboard restoration services, reconditioning and recovering units to a "like new" state with top-quality padding and shaping.


Control Module Reprogramming

Airbag Fitters erase crash data from your original airbag module, enabling reuse instead of buying a costly new unit.


Seatbelt Repairs and Replacement

Airbag Fitters offers comprehensive seat belt services, encompassing repairs, replacements, size adjustments, and the installation of modern or classic seat belts.


About Us

Life is precious. Airbags are replaceable as well as essential and our prices are priceless.

AirBagZA is the top choice for airbag repairs, replacements, and installations. We specialise in all types of vehicles, with our extensive knowledge and expertise, you can trust us to get the job done efficiently and safely. 


No matter what type of airbag repair or replacement you need, AirBagZA guarantees the highest level of customer satisfaction. We’re here to provide you with the best airbag services available. 


We understand how important airbags are for the safety of your vehicle. We pride ourselves in our ability to repair and replace and install airbags in a timely and affordable manner, ensuring our customers are back on the road again in no time. Contact us today for more information.


We can provide our customers with a complete remove, repair, and installation service, beginning with airbag modules, diagnostics, troubleshooting techniques, airbag covers, airbag stamps, steering covers, dashboard panels, curtain airbags, stuck seat safety belts, slip rings, damaged seats, hood linings, and new or re-skinned dashboards. 

Steering airbag replacement
Airbag Replacement Randburg

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15 Vervoer Street, Unit 1, Kya Sands, Randburg


061 039 9017 

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